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Executive manager

Martin Wiedermann

“We try to help our partners by providing them with balanced and bilaterally advantageous solutions.”

Martin Wiedermann studied at the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, University of Economics in Bratislava, and then worked for several private equity and asset management companies.

He is one of the co-founders of SHIFT, a.s. – a Slovak company consisting of physical persons, focused on private equity and venture capital. Martin Wiedermann is a board member of SHIFT Energy and also a chairperson of the investing committee. Apart from the coordination and strategic management of SHIFT a.s., he is in charge of structuring projects, financing, and investors relations. He uses his abilities to locate synergies and hidden opportunities in projects.

He worked as head of the alternative investments department of a Slovak private equity group known as Across Finance. He also worked as a project manager or served as founder in the sectors of project funding and private equity investments. From 1995 on he was a board member of Renta Investments. He founded AFS security broker in 2001, worked for AFS and Salve Group companies, which focus on brokers’ services and provide consultation in personal finance.


Ladislav Manek

“Every new investment is a welcome challenge for the innovative person.”

Senior analyst and project manager

His tasks include project evaluation, value management, reclassification and optimisation of financing and other aspects of company finance. Currently he is responsible for projects concerned with green-field, and brown-field corporate finance, as well as private equity.

Ladislav Manek worked as an administrator and analyst for the largest Slovak investment fund (VUB kupón). As an analyst he also worked for one of the largest Slovak financial groups (J&T Finance Group), and served as internal consultant for a chain of domestic retailers (COOP Jednota). Subsequently he provided consulting and analyst services, investment banking and project management for domestic and foreign finance groups (Penta, Istrokapitál, Cash Reform, Capital Partners, etc.).

He graduated from the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics in Bratislava. He implements his operative, strategic, and financial abilities in the projects. With more than 20 years of experience in industrial business, financial and investment companies, he is able to find viable alternative solutions for a variety of problems.


Mária Majerhoferová

“Success is just 5% luck, while 30% is based on good preparation and 65% depends on good implementation. However, you will never achieve 100% of your goals if you do not have the most important element– the right people in the right place.”

Position: Project Manager
After graduating from the Slovak University of Agriculture in the town of Nitra, where she studied Public Administration and Regional Development, Mária took part in a two-year international study programme titled “International Master of Science in Rural Development and Agricultural Economics” at the Universities of Arkansas, Berlin and Ghent.

Mária works as a Project Manager for SHIFT a.s., where she focuses on projects dealing with renewable energy sources.

As a part of the SHIFT a.s. project team, she is involved in implementing projects both at home and abroad. Currently, Mária is responsible for project analyses, preparing documentation, budgets and business plans, as well as communicating with investors, banks, suppliers, technical and legal advisers. One of her main contributions is her excellent knowledge of (professional) English.

Diligence and constant efforts to acquire knowledge have provided Mária with the necessary prerequisites to analyse complex and diverse investment topics.


Barbora Kunovská

Barbora graduated from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, where she studied Spatial Planning and Management. During her studies, she spent a semester at the Technische universität (Technical University) in the city of Dortmund in Germany.

Barbora took part in the IREC competitions Pre vodu (For Water) of the Ekopolis Foundation, where she ranked among the leaders. Currently, Barbora holds the position of a Project Manager at SHIFT a.s., where she is in charge of renewable energy projects, technical aspects of constructing folk wooden houses in the region of Liptov, and the economic management of apartment buildings.

As a member of the SHIFT a.s. project team, her responsibilities include analysing projects, preparing documentation and communicating with the suppliers.


Jana Grujbárová

“The greatest asset of a company is its team members. At SHIFT we create value on the basis of this precept.”

Associate and HR manager

Jana Grujbarová is in charge of organisation and all operative agenda at SHIFT, a.s. She takes care of administrative agenda as well as the back office. Before joining SHIFT, a.s. she worked as an associate or executive director’s assistant.

She supports the SHIFT team by monitoring the stages of each project, administering the database, and ensuring smooth communication. She is also in charge of development in the HR sector. This includes human needs, supporting advanced training for staff members, and enhancing expertise at SHIFT.

In addition to skills and expertise, we also emphasize the character and integrity of our people.

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