History of SHIFT, a.s. Group

SHIFT, a.s. was established as an investment company in 2005.

Year 2005 – The company was mainly focused on financial consulting

  • Consultations and collaboration with the Across, financial group, on the project Across Private healthcare fond, a.s. – private capital in the sector of Slovak healthcare,
  • Consultation for the reclassification of insurance stocks for BLACH Slovak, a broker insurance company, on behalf of a foreign owner.

Year 2006 – Development of consultation and financial services. SHIFT a.s. expands its activities in the sectors of real estate and development

  • INFINITI MEDIA, s.r.o. – Consultation and implementation of business strategies in media connected with direct capital feed,
  • Helping vault financing to construct a multi-storeyed residential block in Gloria, Bratislava,
  • Reconstruction of an attic into luxury apartments in the city centre of Bratislava.

Year 2007 – Development of business finance

  • Helping vault financing to construct underground garages managed by T.I.E.S. s.r.o. (a construction company),
  • Capital entry into BLACH Slovak insurance broker company s.r.o., and its subsequent reorganisation.

Year 2008 – We started to focus on complex transactions, acquisition and investment management

  • Consultiation in acquisition of Spielmann, s.r.o. Company – for a project concerning reclassification and development of  Vysoke Tatry – Skalnate Pleso cableway,
  • Successful sale of project Infiniti Media, s.r.o. project – it was purchased by a foreign investor,
  • Acquisition of Optimum Energy Slovakia Limited, a start up project dealing with the payment of electricity, focusing on optimized utilisation of electrical energy for retail and institutional customers,
  • Development of activities in real estate. Launching of LipKy project – construction of recreational area in Liptov.

Year 2009 – consolidation and innovation

  • Continued cooperation on the media project with its new owner, focusing on business strategies,
  • Stabilization and development of existing investments,
  • Finishing of restructuring and rebranding of BLACH slovenská poisťovacia maklérska spoločnosť s.r.o. company fo Poystni and MacLer s.r.o. company,
  • Joining projects in the sector of renewable energy sources – FV Electricity station and other alternative sources (2009).

Year 2010 – expansion of existing investments and advancement of activities in field of renewable energy sources

  • Follow-up on projects INFINITI MEDIA, SPIELMANN, Poystni and MacLer,
  • Launch of photovoltaic power plant in Czech republic – Solnice village, installed power output 2,7 MW,
  • Preparation of projects in field of renewable energy sources- PV power plants and biogas stations in Slovakia,
  • Development of projects in field of renewable energy sources in Balkan area.


  • Project management of the PV power plant generating 2 x 0.95 MWp in the region of Liptov – supporting the investor during the preparation phase and in the selection of the technologies, as well as the financial procurement and securing the connection process,
  • Project management and construction of PV applications on the roofs of halls with a total power output of 400 kWp – from the preparation to the connection phase,
  • Project preparation in the field of agricultural production – assumptions on the utilisation of synergies in the field of RES (biogas, biomass) as well as opportunities for real estate activities,
  • Acquisition of BLUE SKY MINING s.r.o. – renewal of the mining, financing and overall restructuring of the quarry in Eastern Slovakia,
  • Acquisition of EUROSPECTRUM s.r.o. – restructuring and refinancing of a company owning an industrial site near Liptovský Hrádok.


  • Refinancing of the Podtureň PVP – roof applications with a total power output of 400 kWp,
  • Management of the exit from EUROSPECTRUM s.r.o.,
  • Development of the business activities of BLUE SKY MINING, s.r.o. – mining and sales of crushed construction aggregate, with a sale of 50% of the shares,
  • Acquisition of KRUŠGEO.SK, s.r.o. – resumption of mining activities, as well as financing and overall restructuring of the quarry in eastern Slovakia,
  • Analysis and preparation for the acquisition of RES projects in the Balkans,
  • Continuation of preparation for agricultural production projects – assumptions on the utilisation of synergies in the field of RES (biogas, biomass) as well as opportunities for real estate activities.


  • Project and construction management, followed by the start-up of a photovoltaic power plant in Romania in the village of Tartasesti, not far from the city of Bucharest, with an installed capacity of 2.8 MW,
  • Refinancing of the Tartasesti PVP in Romania via Sberbank Slovensko a.s. (bank institution) with insurance from the Export-Import Bank of the Slovak Republic,
  • Analysis and preparation for the acquisition of PVP projects in Romania,
  • Development of renewable energy activities in Africa,
  • Exit management of projects in the field of construction aggregate mining.

In addition to skills and expertise, we also emphasize the character and integrity of our people.

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