About us

We are an independent investment and consulting corporation working in Slovakia and providing services in corporate financing and investment management. We offer consultation, and assist clients in investing risk capital in opportunities with a potentially high level of enhancement. We focus on large projects in various stages of development with obvious scope for improvements in management and processes. We primarily deal with services, energy production and real estate, but welcome any opportunity that increases the value of our investments.

As a private equity group of the boutique type, we have clear insights into the sources of value and the possibilities of enhancing these. We present ourselves as active investors because we not only evaluate every project thoroughly, but also demand control in the different stages of development. This enables us to implement strategies effectively and achieve commensurate financial results.

An asset is as valuable as it is utilised effectively and profitably. The human element is a crucial aspect of our projects. The SHIFT a.s. team has several years of experience in the investment sector. We use our extensive know-how in the fields of financial consulting, asset management, investment, reclassification, M&A and other strategic transactions. Our staff has worked in medium- and large-sized domestic financial groups. and has held positions of responsibility in sales, investment research and management.

In addition to these abilities and specialities, we assign great importance to the honesty and integrity of our staff members. In our view, credibility and honesty in business affairs are crucial aspects of any enduring group. These principles enable us to identify valuable projects for us and our customers, and also distinguish our company from others. Last but not least, they reduce the risks taken by our customers.

SHIFT, a.s. was established in the fall of 2005, and has been engaged in expansion and market positioning since this time. The original purpose was to utilise the knowledge gained by a specialised group, and enhance the founders’ financial resources as well as those of a few private clients. A number of interesting projects were implemented after the company was founded.

Private investments (private equity or venture capital investments) were made in a small number of carefully selected opportunities. By dividing projects into several sub-segments, we diversify the risks and always scan the financial landscape for new impulses in terms of investments. In the near future SHIFT, a.s will be initiating new activities and consolidating ongoing projects in the energy sector – primarily that of renewable energy.

  • Investments
    In all projects we focus on promoting an inventive attitude, flexibility, and highly professional management. Our primary goal is to ensure our investors receive their capital with attractive enhacement. We invest in companies engaged in all phases of its life cycle: green-field, start-up, and the early stage of expansion. We also support growing companies with full recapitalisation.
  • Clients

    Our group primarily focuses on investing our clients’ free financial resources in lucrative projects. We select our customers and projects on an individual basis. We adjust the projects to the current market situation. Our flexible and unconventional approach enables us to withstand turbulences in the economic sector.

    Our profile clients are courageous, ambitious, and successful managers, or entrepreneurs with free financial resources exceeding 500,000 Euros. They think and act like entrepreneurs. They are talented, enterprising and enthusiastic, thus incorporating the essential elements of success. They also share common moral and social principles. We cooperate closely with our clients and draw their attention to aspects of investment they would otherwise miss.

Our experts work with together to achieve common goals. Our company’s culture and values are the foundations of our success: honesty and respect in our dealings with all parties, teamwork, innovation, and originality.

At SHIFT, a.s. we respect our co-workers and clients, and adhere to a specific code of social and moral conduct. We do our best to satisfy all parties. We create a healthy and moral working as well as social environment.

In addition to skills and expertise, we also emphasize the character and integrity of our people.

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